If you are an advertiser supplying your own advert for WightlinkTV, we ask that your video producer complies as far as possible with our technical specifications below.

Please ensure that you take note of SAFE AREAS. Editing software will display the whole image on a computer screen, but on screens where your advert will be displayed, viewers will see an over-scanned image. TVs over-scan the image to avoid black banding around the edges, and as a result, important text or logos can sometimes be cropped if placed too close to the edge of the frame. To avoid this, place text within the Caption Safe Area and important images, such as logos, within the Action Safe Area.

Please supply your advert as a high resolution HD .mp4 or uncompressed .mov video file.
Codec for mp4 – H.264. Data Rate 8 – 12 Mb/s
This format also applies to supplied unedited footage that you have asked us to edit.
FILE NAME: Please make it clear who your advert is for and its date of screening.
Frame rate must be 25 fps in the PAL format.
Frame size must be 1920 by 1080 pixels (16 by 9 widescreen).
Logos should be placed within the ACTION SAFE AREA.
Captions should be within the CAPTION SAFE AREA.
Text for captions should be no smaller than 24 point.
Text must be readable both in size and time shown.
Text styles should avoid fancy serifs.
Rollers or crawls must be timed to read easily – crawls are harder to read.
No audio please – your video must be mute.
No fade out to black at end of video.
No strobing effects. (Strobing can cause epileptic reaction in some viewers)

If you supply stills for us to edit, they must be in high resolution RGB format jpg, Photoshop or pdf files.
The minimum frame size should be 1920 by 1080 pixels.
We can reframe other frame sizes for the widescreen TV format as long as the resolution is high enough.
Power Point slides must be converted to individual jpg files.

Logos must be supplied in high resolution jpg, Photoshop or pdf files, ideally with transparent background so they can be superimposed over video.

If you need us to use a specific font please supply a font file suitable for use on a PC, TrueType or OpenType fonts. We cannot use Mac fonts.

Please send your video/s via WeTransfer to bob@bobedetv.com or share via DropBox.
Please call Bob on 07506 834803 for any further info.

You can download a PDF of our technical spec here: WLTV Technical Spec