Commissioning video

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First know what you want to say and who you want to say it to then commission a production company who knows how to deliver your message effectively.  Producing effective video involves many skills, but there are three basic rules to follow: 1 inform your audience, 2 entertain your audience, 3 engage your audience. There’s no point making a video that doesn’t offer something worth knowing so the information conveyed must be relevant. There’s no point too in making a boring video. If yours doesn’t entertain then it won’t engage. When a video does engage an audience, there’s a fighting chance they’ll retain the message – and that’s the whole point of the exercise – delivering a message that will be remembered. So how do you judge if a producer can deliver an effective message? There’s only one way, check out their examples of their work that can be viewed at their full duration. Don’t rely on showreels because the problem with them is that too often they’re just montages of all the best bits of their output cut together with music. It may look very compelling, but montages rarely give you a true picture of how effective the director is at telling a story. How many times has a slick film trailer built up experctations that are disapointed in the cinema? That experience won’t cost you much … commissioning an indifferent video will cost you dear!

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