‘HORIZON: AVERTING AMAGEDDON’ BBC2 Exec Matthew Barratt. An asteroid wiped out the Dinosaurs 65m years ago. Now scientists have found one on course to impact earth in just 800 years. This programme examines an extraordinary solution that could save the planet.

‘HORIZON: THE FALL OF THE TWIN TOWERS’ BBC2 Execs Matthew Barratt & John Lynch. A human account and scientific analysis of the extreme forces and their effects on the tallest towers on earth before they fell on September 11th.

‘ACCIDENTS IN SPACE’ BBC1. Producer Chris Hale. Exec John Lynch. Disasters in 40 years of space exploration.

‘HORIZON: LIFE BLOOD’ BBC2. Producer Andrew Thompson. Series Producer Bettina Learner. How umbilical cord blood is revolutionising blood cancer treatment.

‘MEET THE ANCESTORS – TORMARTON’ BBC2. Producer/Series Producer Bill Locke. Exec Producer Caroline van den Brul. Unlocking the remarkable mystery of why the remains of Bronze Age men were found buried in a Tormarton field.

‘HORIZON – THE LOST CITY OF ZEUGMA’ BBC 2. Producer Becky Jones. Series Producer Bettina Learner. Archaeologist race against time to learn as much a they can about an ancient Roman city before the floodwaters of the Euphrates swallow it.

‘RAGE TO REVENGE’ BBC/Discovery. Producer Jill Fullerton-Smith Exec Producer Caroline Van Den Brul. Science uncovers the mechanisms of anger, rage & revenge.

‘NAKED WORKS’ BBC2 Business & Adventure Unit. Prod Matthew Barrett, Editor Robert Thirkell. Great Management Consulting Disasters.

‘PANORAMA – DOT.COM.FEVER’. BBC. Producer Toby Sculthop. Tom Mangold. Exploding the bubble businesses.

‘HIDDEN PARIS’ LWT. Dir Joanna Bartholomew Exec David Alpin. What you didn’t know about Paris and where to find it!

‘PANORAMA – NHS’ BBC. Reporter John Ware. Is there more NHS money, the same money, or are they just counting it wrong?

‘BLAIR’S 1000 DAYS’ BBC2. Political Documentaries. Exec Editor Anne Tyreman.

‘VICTORIANS’ CASE TV for C4 Schools. Dir: Tom Stanier, Prod: Patricia Williams. Drama series based on the fictional diaries of Maggie Johnson, a Victorian woman.

‘IRISH JOURNEYS’. BBC2. Exec Editor, Anne Tyreman. Fergal Keene retraces his childhood roots in Southern Ireland while exploring the future for peace in the North.

‘THE HOUSE OF WINDSOR’. 2 hour Historical Documentary Special for A&E. Director John Withington, Exec Producer Julian Ware.

‘PANORAMA – CHILD SNATCHERS’. Producer Kiran Soni, David Lomax. The anguish of parents who loose their children to partners overseas.

‘PANORAMA – HOUSE PRICE LOTTERY’. Rabinder Minhas, Paul Kenyon. House prices are booming, but not for everyone, so people can get their own homes with great spaces and big gardens even decorated with glow in the dark stones for people to walk at night.

‘PANORAMA – THE ROAD HOME?’ Toby Sculthorp, Gavin Hewit. A special on the end of the Kosovan war.

‘TREVISO’. CASE TV for C4 schools. Prod: Patricia Williams. Geography series for GCSE students.

‘SUPERNATURAL SCIENCE’ BBC/Discovery. Myths, Miracles and Magic put to modern scientific tests. Prod – Helen Thomas. Series Producer – Robert Eagle Executive Producer Caroline Van Den Brul.

‘CLARES NEW WORLD’. Hour doc for BBC2. Exec Editor, Anne Tyreman. MP Cameras follow Clare Short in her new post as Minister for Overseas Development.

‘TIME’. CASE TV for C4. Drama series for schools exploring concepts of time.

‘MURDER SQUAD’. Argo Prods for ITV – Producer: Robert Fleming. 5 x 60 min prime-time fly-on-the-wall docs following Metropolitan Murder Squads from the discovery of a body to the conviction of the murderer.

‘HISTORY THROUGH ART’. CASE TV – Drama Series for C4 schools. Director Tom Stanier, Produced by Patricia Williams.

‘UK LAW’. For C5. Roger Bolton Productions. Prod. Ian Lilly.

‘THE INUIT’ CASE TV for C4 schools. People of the Ice. Documentary series about life on the ice. Dir. Tom Stanier.

‘UNDERSTANDING THE HOLOCAUST’. Nucleus Films. 60min archive doc for schools funded by the Spiro Institute explaining the awful realities of the Holocaust. Dir Rex Bloomstein.

‘ROMANS & CELTS’. CASE TV for C4 schools. Drama series. Dir. Tom Stanier.

‘SCOTLAND YARD’. Argo Prods for ITV. 12 x 30min documentaries giving a unique insight into squads working out of ‘The Yard’. Prod/Dir. Robert Fleming.

‘MANY HAPPY RETURNS?’ BBC2 Business Matters. A recession story with a twist. Prod. Jane Walmsley. Dir John Longley. JANE WALMSLEY Prods. Ltd.

‘WHO ARE THE GERMANS?’ Thames for C4. (4 x 60 min) The social, economic, historical and cultural roots of the Germans. Prod/Dir by Jack Saltman & Ed Braman.

‘THE CHEQUE IS IN THE POST’. BBC2 Business Matters. Canary Wharf subcontractors go bust during the recession. Prod. Jane Walmsley. Dir John Longley. JANE WALMSLEY Prods. Ltd.

‘ZIG ZAG ‘TREES’. CASE TV for BBC. 6 x 20 min Schools Progs. A study of trees and their importance to mankind. Dir. Tom Stanier. Prod. Patricia Williams.

‘SEEING & DOING’. Tetra Prods for C4 5 x 20 min Schools Progs. How mechanics work and influence our lives. Dir. Ros Farramond. Prod. Alan Horrox.

‘MONEY FOR NOTHING’. ITV -£5bn. Prod: Terry Kellerher. Dir Patrick Forbes.

‘RUTH THOMAS WRITES’. C4 Middle English. A children’s writer talks about her work. Prod/Dir Richard Handford.

‘GETTING THERE?’ BBC2 Business Matters. Adam Faith on BR. Dir Rod Taylor. Jane Walmsley Prods. Ltd.

‘THAMES REPORTS’. Thames for ITV. London Regional Magazine/Current Affairs Series. Series Editor Peter Gill.

‘MIDDLE ENGLISH’. Thames for C4. Series looking at methods of narrative writing. Prod/Dir Peter Griffiths.

‘STALIN’. Thames for ITV. 3 x 60 min docs. The legacy of Stalin told through the testimonies of his victims and supporters. Prod. Phillip Whitehead. Dir Tony Cash.

‘THE CITY PROGRAMME’. Thames for ITV. Top Financial Series. Prod. Terry Kellerher.

‘REPORTING LONDON’. Thames for ITV. London Regional Magazine Programme. Series Editor Jack Saltman.

‘THE BILL’. Thames for ITV. Executive Producer – Geraint Morris.

‘KOREA’. Thames for ITV. ‘The Unknown War’. Prod/Dir Phillip Whitehead.

‘SUICIDE’. Thames for ITV. Dir Jill Fullerton-Smith.

‘RACHEAL’. (Citizen 2000 series) Thames for ITV. A chronicle of life. Prod Catherine Freeman. Dir. Annie MacDonald.

‘BIG BANG’. Thames for ITV. 60 min doc. Explaining financial deregulation in the City. Dir Robert Fleming.

‘BURNING THE PHOENIX’. Thames for ITV. How emerging talents are nurtured at the RCA. Dir Dave Hodgeson.

‘WISH YOU WERE HERE’. Thames for ITV. Flagship Holiday Series.

‘HUMAN RIGHTS’. Thames for ITV. A Major 90 min documentary examining human rights violations by governments around the world. Prod./Dir. Rex Bloomstein.

‘BARRICADES’. Thames for ITV. Three women from war-torn Beirut talk about their lives in this disturbing documentary of clashes and contrasts. Dir Geoff Dunlop.

’30 YEARS ON’. Thames for ITV. Sporting personalities look back 30 years. Prod/Dir. Gary Francis.