Bob Ede TV manage WightlinkTV, a dynamic new Digital Signage service aimed at passenger travelling on Wightlink ferries.

Powered by media players with internet connectivity, WightlinkTV provides live feeds of news, weather, travel, offers, events and social media, within a regularly updated programming mix of features and advertising.

Screens display HD and 4K quality video to create a bold, dynamic, eye-catching platform for advertisers across eight car and passenger ferries and terminal buildings. And now that Wightlink’s new ferry ‘Victoria of Wight’ has joined the fleet, with her 36 TVs in two passenger lounges, WightlinkTV can boast a network of over 100 screens!

To find out how you can advertise on WightlinkTV to 4.7 million passengers please contact Claire, our Sales Director on: 07375 368773 or 02392 637749 or send us message using our contact form below:


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